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Diabetes Management Journal February 2021 References


LADA exposed by COVID-19 infection

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Meta-analysis of Low-Carb for T2D

BMJ 2021;372:m4743

$38m for New Research Centres


Maybe the Mitochrondria – Japanese Men with T2D

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COVID-19: Metformin Associated with Lower Mortality

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p8-12 An evidence-based medical weight loss plan for people with prediabetes or T2D

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p14 – 17 Avoiding Amputations

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Foot Forward Program Management:
A Program Executive Committee oversees the joint program development and delivery by Diabetes Australia and ADS. Key members include: Ms Natalie Wischer (Program Director - HP), Ms Taryn Black (Program Lead – Consumer), A/Prof. Sof Andrikopoulos, A/Prof. Greg Johnson (Chair), plus Program support staff employed by Diabetes Australia and the Australian Diabetes Society.
The Program Steering Committee meets quarterly or as required with membership: A/Prof. Greg Johnson, Diabetes Australia, Chair, A/Prof Glynis Ross, ADS, Prof Stephen Twigg, ADS, A/Prof. Sof Andrikopoulos, ADS, Ms Natalie Wischer, NADC, Ms Taryn Black, Diabetes Australia, Ms Jan Ridd, Diabetes Australia, Ms Tracey Andrews, Department of Health, Mr Jonathon Logue, Department of Health, Mr Tony Wynd, Department of Health.

NameLocationDisciplineExpertiseProfessional Connections
Professor Stephen Twigg (Foot Forward Clinical Lead)SydneyEndocrinologist
Director of Endocrinology Department RPA
High Risk Foot Services Diabetes Research;Kellion Professor of Endocrinology, Stan Clark Chair in Diabetes Sydney Medical School USyd; Hon. NADC Foot Network Chair
Dr Rajna OgrinMelbourneClinical PodiatristResearch - evidence based practice reform in models of careSenior Research Fellow at Bolton Clarke Research Institute
Professor Alex BrownAdelaideBA Medicine, MPH, PhD, Leader, Aboriginal Research Unit South Australian Health & Medical Research InstituteResearch and Policy chronic disease in vulnerable communities. Mixed method health research in aboriginal primary care and hospital settings.Heart Foundation, Chris cardiac society indigenous cardiovascular council. Previous member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Equity Council (2009-2012)
 Dr Mark Hamilton Darwin Vascular Surgeon HRFS & Tertiary care Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, ANZSVS, ESVS
 Dr Gary Deed Brisbane GP Primary Care Diabetes RACGP
 Mary Ryan Melbourne Nurse, CDE, Community Wound Care - Australian Diabetes Educators Association
 Dr Emma Hamilton Perth Endocrinologist, Rural and Remote, Lead of MDT Diabetic foot unit Fiona Stanley Hospital Tertiary care HRFS, Research DFD Senior lecturer UWA, Fremantle Diabetes Study Team
 Pamela Chen Hobart Podiatry Health Literacy, Research, Auditing, Credentialing Advanced Practicing Podiatrists, LEAP committee member
 Dr Peter Lazzarini Brisbane Podiatry Principal Research Fellow Diabetes Feet Australia (DFA), School of Public Health & Social Work, Queensland University of Technology, National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Early Career Fellow

p18 Clinic Pull-out- Diabetes Foot Risk Stratification and Triage

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p19 Clinic Pull-out- Active Foot Disease Pathway

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p20-22 Diabetes & rheumatology: the musculoskeletal diseases

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p24 – 27 Using new T2D therapies in general practice

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p28 – 29 Reality Check: A remote diabetes educator & healing through Dadirri

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